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About Us

We are a non-profit foster care and adoption agency. We work to get families licensed to become foster parents and/or approved to administer foster care. We match children in need with families that will work best with them. We also offer outpatient-counseling services to the community.

Uniting Hearts and Families

It takes a special person to open their heart and invite a foster child into their home. These are life-changing moments that affect both the inviting family, and the youth that so desperately needs stability. That’s why we strive to unite the two together by working to get families licensed and/or approved as foster parents

There are so many children out there that need a family. They want to be loved and cherished, just like the rest of us. When you become a foster family or parent, you’re not only giving children a temporary place to reside, you’re giving them hope for the future. What’s more, our program also gives you the opportunity to become fully adoptive parents, so your loved one doesn’t have to leave.

foster parenting

Foster Parenting

Foster parenting is not just about doing something nice for a child in need, it means you firmly believe in investing in that child’s future. Designed to provide temporary care for children who are unable to reside with their biological families, our foster and adoptive program is designed to place children with strong, supportive caretakers.

Moreover, we want foster families that are willing to work with the team and the child’s biological family to reunite them once more. That’s why we provide outpatient counseling and education services to both the families and the community at large. We want everyone to know what it takes to provide the best overall care and guidance to our youth, and to ensure they have the necessary tools to do so.

foster parenting

Foster Care Process

Everything starts with information. We give perspective families the knowledge they need to understand the foster care process, and what it takes to invite a youth into their home. Families then attend training where they will have the opportunity to meet and bond with other potential foster parents. While going through training, there is some paperwork to complete – things like fingerprints, background checks, etc. Finally, a home study is completed where the family meets with a staff member in their homes to further fine-tune their plan for the youth that come into their home.

foster parenting

Foster Care vs. Adoption

Sometimes, it is not best for the children to return to their biological home. In these cases, adoption is the next step. Once licensed, the foster family caring for the youth would have the option to make their home the child’s home forever.

The entire process can be unpredictable – but life’s best adventures are! Wherever the path leads you, know that we’ll be there every step of the way.

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